The dilapidated playground was horrifying for a first view on late October, but it looks like it was magical in its prime to a child. Also, Willy took me back ten years to the infinite repetitions of “Willy Was a Whale” by Justin Roberts for our kids amusement.

As for writing, when I’m stuck, if I happen to know how I want the scene or chapter to end, I reverse-engineer it, and work it to success from the end back to the beginning.  if that doesn’t work, I will grab a separate piece of paper, and by hand, start writing out every possible and ridiculous next beat to add. Something is bound to work.

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Very curious about this reverse engineering you speak about. You might have to share your secrets sometime!

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For a nominal fee, I will teach the super secret method of eyeing the target, then writing backwards from said target, lining up the beats and plot points to where the starting line is, and... oh... I guess that’s basically it. Know how you want your book/chapter/scene to end, and plot the path backwards to that spot.

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Oct 22, 2022Liked by Penny Zang

Sharing your stories help me to remember that our family trips were fun & full of sunshine.

Love always


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